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Sinn adopts a collaborative stance in the services offered, valuing the participation of the client in all the stages of the work, from the building of the Project Management Committee, through the adaptation of the modules, in testing, conversion and in the migration of the data from the legacy systems, as well as in implementing the production systems.
We seek, with our services, to encompass the entire cycle of needs were are presented with, along with our consultancy and software development under demand (Software Factory), and with Training Programmes and Courses for you and/or your team.

Areas of activity

Business Analytics

With important partners such as Pentaho and Tableau, we can give your data the analytical depth and visualization clarity that you seek. Business Intelligence is a choice and we have the tool you can use to explore its full potential here at Sinn.

Big Data

Cloudera and Hadoop, standards today when the subject is the storage, processing and analysis of hundreds of terabytes and even petabytes of data. No volume of data is too large a volume with Haddop. We have the expertise now at Sinn to work with your data, whatever the volume at hand.

Data Base

HP Vertica, Mongo DB - Data Base Management is the solution for companies that need to readily and quickly access document data through different query filters,that meet the needs of every company and area of activity.

Graphical Visualization

Our partnership with FusionCharts and VisualCue allows us to give your data the visualization you seek, with powerful resources that will hand you the full control of the aesthetics and behaviour of all Graphs. More functionalities and beauty for your data.

Cloud Services

Our strategic partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) allows Sinn Tecnologia to offer you the best options in the market for cloud computing. With a highly stable, scalable, flexible and low-cost platform. More security fir your data with the AWS infrastructure.


Innovating in the solutions offered and improving the image of your products. We prepare creative and innovative projects, hinged on the highest quality. With a close attention attitude, Sinn works in an exclusive way, in an easy-dialogue atmosphere throughout the whole creative process to always ensure client satisfaction.

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