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  • Smart Cities

    Always seeking to innovate, Sinn is implementing different analytics solutions in key Government bodies and private companies in Brazil. Using theme panels and with the intensive use of data analytics procedures, we have managed to create efficient environments for decision-making. We are helping to shape the future.

    BI for Games

    Have quality and quantity analyses of the data collected from your game in customized reports and customizable dashboards. You will be able to make more effective decisions, adding real value to your business.


    Through Sinn Tecnologia and our partner Pentaho your company will get the most out of your data and all through our dashboards and thematic panels, which will give customizable visualization and thus provide agility and efficiency in your decision making process.

  • Pentaho

    The Pentaho Business Analytics suite is a full business intelligence platform. It operates in a global way, integrating data sources, managing your Data Warehouse and allowing the visualization of your pointers in dynamic reports as well as elegant, intuitive dashboards.

    HP Vertica

    HP Vertica is the number one, real-time analytics platform of the world. The evolution of the Data Base to a Big Data analytics platform, no limits, no-holds-barred - structured, semi-structured and non-structured - at an unprecedented speed and with a more advanced analytical approach.


    Sinntesis is a solution that allows the evaluation of your company's health via the integrated analysis of the electronic fiscal receipts you issue and/or receive. You will be able to visualize the reports and dashboards with your company's performance pointers.

  • PUC4mobile

    An application created for those who wish to visualize their management reports stored with the Pentaho CE/EE, providing administrators with a much faster and efficient decision-making process.

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