In the market for over ten years, our differential lies in the development and implementation of Business Analytics / Business Intelligence solutions to offer the best tools in the market. We are proud to be a native, COPPE/UFRJ - bred company.

We provide a full set of services and solutions for your company.

360° Data Solutions for your company

Our Productsinnovative solutions for your company

  • BI for Games - Pentaho Certified Partner

    BI for Games

    Have quality and quantity analyses of the data collected from your game in customized reports and customizable dashboards. You will be able to make more effective decisions, adding real value to your business.

    Dashboards - Bring life to your data


    Through Sinn Tecnologia and our partner Pentaho your company will get the most out of your data and all through our dashboards and thematic panels, which will give customizable visualization and thus provide agility and efficiency in your decision making process.

    Smart Cities - The power of BI at your services

    Smart Cities

    Always seeking to innovate, Sinn is implementing different analytics solutions in key Government bodies and private companies in Brazil. Using theme panels and with the intensive use of data analytics procedures, we have managed to create efficient environments for decision-making. We are helping to shape the future.

  • Mobile Solutions

    There are over 3 million applications available worldwide on all of the platforms. Brazil, according to ANATEL (Brazilian Telecommunications Agency) figures has over 265 million active mobile phone lines. We understand, in this scenario, that this is a platform present and necessary for decision-making processes.

    For this reason, our solutions include the Sinntesis (rolling out soon), PUC4Mobile, and Project4Mobile, applications, developed with the goal of integrating and giving mobility to company administrators.

  • Puc 4 mobile

    An application created for those who wish to visualize their management reports stored with the Pentaho CE/EE, providing administrators with a much faster and efficient decision-making process.

    Available for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch at the PUC4Mobile page, iTunes Store.

  • Project 4 mobile

    A project management application that offers a low-cost, light, pliable, and thorough tool, to give full freedom and mobility to Project Managers.

    Available for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch at the Project4Mobile page, iTunes Store.


  • Team Member

    Fabio Marzullo

    Chief Executive Officer / CEO

    Holds a DSc degree from COPPE/UFRJ and a specialist's degree in Corporate Management from the FGV; a MBA Lecturer at the Department of Software Engineering of the UFRJ's Polytechnic School, with 18 years' experience in the development of IT solutions and an entrepreneur for 10, he has been working for the past 5 years in the development and implementation of Business Intelligence solutions for Government bodies and private companies.

    Team Member

    Cesar Marzullo

    CMO / Design & Marketing

    Holds a degree in Management Science with an emphasis on Systems Analysis, and has 16 years' experience shared between image editing and design for Web, mobile and graphical platforms, focusing the methodology for development and for his work on user interface and user experience.

A little of our history.

Through events, competitions and new partnerships, we keep on growing.

  • TCE-SP App turns citzen into fiscal

    The São Paulo State Court of Auditors (TCESP) launched this week an application for mobile phones and tablets that will allow citizens to send information to the institution to assist in monitoring the use of public money.


    Pentaho is now Hitachi Vantara and Sinn Tecnologia is proud to have renewed the partnership as well as its certifications, attesting even more the quality of its services and the technical competence of our team.

    The IEGM panel from TCE-SP is on air

    Sinn technology developed IEGM panel for the Court of the State of São Paulo, for public viewing of the data relating to the the last years of State's municipal performance. Check it!

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